Bitter Melon” (New England Review, Sept. 2019)

When I Sing to Myself, Who Listens?” (Oxford Review of Books featured poem of the week)

2 poems: “What Does the Little Death Feel Like Coming from a Woman?” & “Snapshots of Girl with Galaxy of Spiders Drowning in Sopas” (Fugue)

Theory of Nothing” and “I dream in a tongue other than my own” (Tupelo Quarterly TQ 16)

Chimera” (Nat. Brut)

Sumpâ for a Vigilante” (Sakura Review)

Spam Stigma: An Open Letter to White People” (VIDA Review)

“Feast” (winner of the inaugural Sundress Publications broadside contest)

Ritual for Sickness” (Raleigh Review, vol. 8.1)

“Old as Rain” (New American Fiction, vol. 16, New Rivers Press)

Stasis, Shift” (One, Issue 12, Jacar Press)

“Postlude” (december Magazine, vol. 26.2)